Midgard 2023

Midgard 2023 Workshops

Midgard 2023 will have a designated workshop area. Several of our special guests and exhibitors will be hosting workshops on a multitude of topics.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to sign up for the workshops?

Yes, workshops will have limited space available.

Details for signups will be available soon

Do I have to pay?

This is dependent on the workshops. Some will be completely free, for others there will be material packs available so you can build along. The material packs will have to be bought.

What kind of workshops are there?

Details will be available on this page in the future, but some that are being planned already are Mandalorian armor making, head dress making, mask making and much more.

Can I host a workshop?

Anyone can host a workshop, we are accepting workshop ideas/submissions here: https://www.midgardreykjavik.is/submit-ideas/

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