Tora Powlen

Tora Powlen is a cosplay hobbiest and full-time hermit, electing to not leave her dwelling during the sunniest times of the year and instead staying hunched over her sewing machine with the blinds closed crafting what she calls “Mad Fashion” (I recommend not asking her about it, since you may be stuck for hours discussing the relative merits of sequins and rhinestones, or which upcycled resin dye gives the best color without disrupting the curing process).

While she started cross-stitching in the early 90’s, her costuming career began in earnest in 2005 when she made her first set of historically accurate costumes for a high school production of Les Misanthrope.  Since then, and only ceasing with 2017 her relocation to Iceland, she has worked off and on as a costumer, designer, and all around busy-body for local theatres in the MD/VA area.

In 2006 she first began teaching sewing on a one-on-one basis, which bloomed into teaching full classes and running panels in 2012.  Never shying away from being an insufferable know-it-all, she is always looking for new avenues to share her knowledge and discuss advanced cosplay technique; and never content to NOT be a know-it-all she is always looking for new techniques to master and apply to garment crafting.