One of the world’s top interactive game voice-over artists, Nick Jameson has portrayed hundreds of characters in over a hundred games, ranging from Max in Sam and Max to Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars series.

He has voiced a plethora of classic animated TV shows and films, such as Clone WarsSpidermanFrozen, and The Critic, in which he voiced between twenty and thirty voices per episode.

A prolific actor, Nick is perhaps best known as Russian president Yuri Suvarov in 24 and Richard Malkin in LOST, in addition to a long list of guest starring roles, ranging from comedies such as Seinfeld, King of Queens and The Drew Carey Show to dramas such as Criminal MindsThe West Wingand NCIS.

Nick produced the classic gold and platinum albums of the British rock band Foghat (of which group he was also a member), including the chart-topping multi-platinum Foghat Live and Fool for the City (which contains the smash single and rock classic Slow Ride, featured in the film Dazed and Confused and the interactive game Guitar Hero). He has released two solo albums and is currently working on a third.

As a comedian, Nick was a regular at The Comedy Store and The Improv in Los Angeles, and performed at many LA improv comedy venues, including The Second City, Improv Olympic and The Acme Comedy Theater.

Nick recently relocated to Iceland, and has been performing stand up and improv comedy regularly in Reykjavik, including weekly performances at Gaukurinn’s Come Talk Funny. He recently completed filming on his first filmed-in-Iceland television production, Good Luck Mr. Gorski, and recorded his roles for the game Psychonauts II from Iceland. He is currently working on a one-man comedy show, to be produced in the spring of  2018.

Nick fulfilled a lifelong dream by being prominently featured in MAD Magazine’s LOST  parody, and can now die happy.