Anton Logi

I am a local artist and will be exhibiting/selling original drawings (pencils and/or ink)  and paintings, and some prints of said drawings and paintings.

I will also be doing live commissions, on-the-spot, ready-to-order, hot-from-the-press drawings, made in-house, just for you, dear convention guest. You will have the choice of paying for a 10 minute, 30 minute or a whopping 60 MINUTE commision, at a fixed rate. If you are interested in something more long-term, that can be arranged and completed at a later date.


I will also be selling my home-made painting canvases, for you to paint on. They will come in varying sizes, varying colors (white or brown) and varying degrees of crumply (you’re gonna love my crumples).


Maybe there will be other things, too.

Some of my canvases