Ágúst Freyr Ingason

For more than 10 years Agúst served as EVP and Executive Producer for LazyTown Entertainment. He was instrumental in developing and spearheading one of the most highly acclaimed, global children’s television series and franchises in contemporary broadcasting. Growing the company from a small operation in Iceland into a phenomenon in over 120 countries worldwide.

With several new tv series and movies in development he is currently Executive Producer on a new comedy-action tv series for kids, named TREASURE TREKKERS, a thrill-seeking adventure and kids’ comedy with 3 heroes, who save and preserve world treasures as well as their own inner treasures. An interactive game that will play off the theme of treasure hunting is currently in development.

Agust is equally adept in the financial sector with key positions of increasing authority. Launching and managing international investment funds in Iceland that invested amongst others in international Venture Capital Funds, providing local institutional investors first-time access to investments in international venture capital funds.

 “I am driven by meaningful storytelling and to use all possible streams of media as a portal for that storytelling.”