Midgard 2021


Ilka Luza

Ilka Luza is an actress, singer and comedian in Germany. She has been playing boardgames all her life, and right now her favourite games are Wingspan, Cartographers and Underwater Cities.Together with her husband Dave, Ilka has been performing live comedy skits during the Dice Tower Live shows at Essen Spiel. And we are happy to …

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Dave Luza

Dave Luza has been creating Boardgame media content since 2016. He started out as a Dice Tower contributor, and with his background as a Dutch comedian, he always tries to give his youtube videos a creative spin. For example, Dave has written over a dozen original songs about boardgames and created a puppetseries about Pandemic …

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Tom Hutchens
Mandalore the Uniter

Tom Hutchens is a professional armorsmith, propmaker, leader, and founder of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Since 2007, Tom has spent a great deal of his life devoted to uniting fans of STAR WARS™ who primarily love the Mandalorian characters and culture. As well as running one of the world’s largest STAR WARS™ fan organizations, Tom is …

Tom Hutchens
Mandalore the Uniter
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