Midgard 2023

Tom Hutchens
Mandalore the Uniter

Tom Hutchens is a professional armorsmith, propmaker, leader, and founder of the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club. Since 2007, Tom has spent a great deal of his life devoted to uniting fans of STAR WARS™ who primarily love the Mandalorian characters and culture.

As well as running one of the world’s largest STAR WARS™ fan organizations, Tom is also an accomplished armorsmith and one of less than a hand-full of master “Mandalorian-style” smiths in existence.  Tom has pioneered the art of melding time-honored armoring techniques with today’s technology to create Mandalorian armor costumes that both look and feel as if they have traveled directly from a galaxy far, far away.

Tom’s costume and prop work has been featured on such television and internet shows as: Daily Planet, In a Galaxy, and “The Star Wars Show”.  Tom’s work was also the focus of the Emmy award nominated documentary “Mandalore the Uniter” .  Tom has also helped collaborate on various STAR WARS™ books, and was a regular contributor to the official “Star Wars Blog” at StarWars.com.

Tom’s Mandalorian character “Mandalore the Uniter” has been added to the list of STAR WARS™ “Legends” in both the books: “The Essential Guide to Warfare” and “Bounty Hunter Code”.  Currently, Tom is producing the “Warmaster’s Workshop” educational tutorials that focus on building Mandalorian costumes from beginner to professional levels.  He also continues to lead the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club as its Chief Executive Officer.

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