Midgard 2021

Luke Hector

Luke has been involved with board games, RPG’s and CCG’s throughout his life. He runs “The Broken Meeple”, a dual YouTube channel and podcast devoted to the hobby. The blog has operated for over 6 years and is a long member of The Dice Tower Network.

Outside of the blog, he frequently volunteers with his local game cafe “Dice Portsmouth” to teach games to new players in the hobby and runs a board game club in Portsmouth where he welcomes people of all ages and abilities to feel comfortable playing games together.

Not being afraid to speak his mind, Luke prides himself on honest, passionate and objective reviews and Top 10 Lists of board games without feeling pressured to give special treatment. Never taking games too seriously with his ending catchphrase “remember, it’s only a game” he likes to remind us that board games are firstly about bringing people together for fun times and that the game always comes second.

We can’t wait to see what he will bring to the table this year at Midgard 2020

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