Midgard 2021

Ilka Luza

Ilka Luza is an actress, singer and comedian in Germany. She has been playing boardgames all her life, and right now her favourite games are Wingspan, Cartographers and Underwater Cities.Together with her husband Dave, Ilka has been performing live comedy skits during the Dice Tower Live shows at Essen Spiel. And we are happy to announce that she will show of her talent, and her knowledge about boardgames in the show they will perform together at Midgard.

At Midgard Ilka, Dave and some special guests will have a “This Game is Broken” themed live show. A mixture of boardgame Improv and a panel show. There might even be some prizes to win.

This Game is Broken started as a podcast back in 2017 and is currently at episode 64. They release a new episode every other week on wednesdays. 

At this point the cast is formed by Nick and Mike Murphy, Matthew Jude and Dave Luza.

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