Midgard 2023

Pay it Forward


  1. Open the confirmation email you received from GrowTix when you ordered your Midgard 2023 Weekend Pass, Family Pass or VIP Pass.

  2. There will be a prompt above your order that says “Your purchase entitles you to send discount purchase links to 3 of your friends.” You will be able to send three discount links per qualifying purchase (for example: if you ordered one Weekend Pass, you’ll be able to send three discount links; if you ordered two Weekend Passes, you’ll be able to send six discount links).

  3. Press “Click Here to Send” to open your available email fields.

  4. Fill in the email addresses of the friends you wish to send discount links to and click “Send”.

  5. Your friends will receive emails from GrowTix, giving them access to buy a discounted weekend pass!

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