Midgard 2023

Midguardian Policy

Midgard, as is the case with most conventions, could not function without volunteers.
Our volunteers or Midguardians as we call them, are the backbone of our team.

Midguardian volunteers:

  • Help with registration
  • Help changing panel room layouts/setups
  • Run games in the games room
  • Host the green room
  • Check badges at the entrance
  • Etc.

In return, we offer the following:

  • A free pass for the days you volunteer (if you volunteer the entire weekend you receive a weekend pass, if you volunteer saturday a saturday pass, etc.)
  • A Midguardian T-shirt
  • A Midguardian Badge
  • Our eternal gratitude

Midguardian Crew:

  • Help with set up (moving chairs and tables, setting up reception area, etc.
  • Help with tear down (the same but in reverse 😉 )

In return, we offer the following:

  • A crew Badge (which gives access to the full weekend)
  • Our eternal gratitude

To join the Midguardians, you must adhere to the following rules and policies:

  • Midguardians are the face of our convention, and as such are held to a higher standard than our attendees. You are expected to be at the best behaviour at all times.
  • You are expected to follow all policies, rules, and regulations without exception.
  • You must be 18 years or older.
  • Attend the volunteer training meeting before the convention.
  • Under no circumstances get in to an argument or fight.
  • Wear the Midguardian T-shirt and badge at all times when at the venue, or related locations.
  • Absolutely no drugs or alcohol use is tolerated during convention times. This is not limited to the convention area, or your volunteer shifts. If you are found to have consumed alcohol or any prohibited substances before or during the convention times, you will be removed.
  • Follow the instructions of the volunteer manager and/or other staff.
  • Do not use your Midguardian status to gain any benefits at exhibitor booths, vendor stalls, events, etc. Or to skip any lines/gain access to any full panels/workshops.
  • Be on time, or early for your scheduled shifts! If you are late, you may be replaced and lose your Midguardian status.
  • Travel and hotel/stay is not included. You must make your own way to the convention.
  • Be friendly, and passionate about the convention and its contents.

Please note that applying is not a guarantee that you will be accepted. We have limited slots, and cannot accept everyone.

Applications available soon

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