Midgard 2023

Gaming Area

Midgard 2023 has a dedicated gaming area, with many tables for tabletop games, board games, and any other type of game.

There is a free to use board game library as well open tables available for gaming during the entire gaming area opening hours.

Our new games scheduling system will let you schedule games, sign up to other’s games, reserve tables and get information about planned games and sessions.

You are of course also welcome to bring your own games.

There are multiple children’s games and activities throughout the day, as well as our ever popular “learn to paint miniatures” tables.

RPG Area

For the first time, Midgard 2023 will have a dedicated RPG area. Whether it is DnD, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Vampire, or any other RPG, this is the place to be.

Our games scheduling system, will let you register as a game master and schedule a RPG session at specific tables, You can let others sign up to join you or keep it a private session, it is your choice!

For those that are more interested in joining a game, the same system will let you search for open sessions and sign up to join.

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