Miniature painting competition

Rules and information:

There are 3 categories:

  1. Single model – Everything up to 60mm – Infantry, space marines, tau commander suit, anything shorter then a non-daemonic primarch, etc.
  2. Large model – 60mm and up – Monsters, tanks, dreadnoughts, vehicles, etc.
  3. Open – Any models that don‘t fit in the above categories – Dioramas, duels, busts, squads, etc.

Rules for entering:

  • The model has to be painted by the contestant.
  • A Midgard weekend or Sunday pass is required.
  • The model must be delivered to the competition organisers before11:00 on the Saturday (if you do not have a weekend or Saturday pass, simply come to reception)
  • Models may be placed on any base, and any base size.
  • Models will be on display for the duration of the convention.
  • An application form must be submitted
  • The Judges will make the final ruling on category, if there is any uncertainty.
  • Any miniatures are permitted regardless of game system or other origin

Sign up: