ICC Rules

Midgard is proud to announce the first iteration of the Icelandic Cosplay Championship.

The Icelandic Cosplay Championship is open to residents of any country.


General rules

  • Bought costumes are permitted,¬† as well as handmade costumes, and/or a combination thereof.
  • No age limit is set for the contest.
  • The contest is open to both individuals and groups.
  • The cosplay can be based on a fictional character from a published source
  • The cosplay can be based on an original character.


  • Costumes that have been used to compete in other cosplay contests are permitted.
  • Costumes must be finished by the day of judging. Repairs after arrival are permitted.
  • The competing costume does not need to be entirely handmade.
  • Extra points will be awarded for fully hand-made costumes.


  • Contestants will be judged while on stage.
  • Contestants will be judged in 4 different categories
    • Ages 0-14
    • Ages 14-18
    • 18+ singles
    • 18+ groups
  • Contestants will be called up to stage one group or individual at a time.
  • Contestants will be called up to stage in order by category.


  • While on stage contestants may:
    • Show off their costume
    • Do a performance/Act in character
    • A performance is not required.